Committees Statute

Purpose of an AmCham committee

AmCham Committees are permanent committees which are established by the Chamber’s Board of Directors, who work and network together to deal with issues which are sensitive and focused in different specific interests. The activity of each Committee is proposed by the committee members and approved by AmCham Board. Each committee has its focus and its own activity, which is clearly presented and approved. Committees do networking of specific member groups, business interests, offer specific training and forums. They can propose solutions to problems and issues of concern.

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The head of a committee

Individual members are free to apply for the position of the head of a committee. The head of each committee is elected by the simple majority vote of the AmCham Board members present at the meeting. The AmCham Board holds the right to appoint (among candidates) and remove the head of the committees. The head of the committee has a term of two years. The rotation of the heads of the committee has the same ruling of the members of AmCham Board. A member of the board can also be elected as head of a committee. The elections for a head of a committee are held around October-November every two years.

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Members of each committee

Each committee has an ad-hoc membership and not less than 4 permanent members. Permanent members shall constitute a quorum and permanent members of a Committee who fail to attend three consecutive meetings will be considered as having resigned from the Committee and the vacancy may be filled by the Board of Directors – For each committee meeting all AmCham members are invited/informed. Committees are function of AmCham members only. With a proposal of the head of the committee, the AmCham Board or the sponsor of the event, the list of invitees can be added in addition to sponsors, when it is clearly stated that this serves to the best of AmCham and its other members. The list of invitees must be always consulted with the event organizer.

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The plan of the activities/events

The proposal for doing events and the type of the events are decided to the committee. Each committee comes up with a yearly plan, to be presented to the Board. The Board has the right to approve or disapprove all the programs and initiatives of the Committees.

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Public relations/statements

The final approval of the proposals for public statements/positions with AmCham stays with the AmCham Board. Committees can come up with initiatives or public statements, on behalf of the group or on behalf of the AmCham, but they must never come out publicly before official approval by the AmCham Board. The proposal goes to the Board and they can approve, deny or go back to the Committee with comments – The final decision stay ultimately with the AmCham Board. Each proposal which comes from a committee for a positioning and/or is accompanied with a public use of the AmCham name, cannot be in any way public, even as draft idea, before approved by the AmCham Board. The name of AmCham cannot be use in a public statement by the heads of the committees, unless the public statement itself is approved by the AmCham Board and in the mean time, when the Board decides that the head of the committee can speak on behalf of AmCham.

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The work of each committee is reported to the Board, in the regular meetings. The heads of the Committee should report regularly, not less than four times a year (at least once in one quarter) to the AmCham Board, and the Committee prepares a written report to be presented at each General Assembly Meeting.

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Coordinating of events

Each committee has a coordinator. The coordinator is an AmCham staff, who should follow the Committee closely with all needs of the committee. A copy of the minutes of each committee meeting shall be sent to the Executive Director. If Committees decide to organize a function (event, conference, meeting, networking, etc.) and that functions is approved by the Board, it is the AmCham staff that does the work, under the instructions/decisions of the committee / Board. The AmCham staff does the work by itself and with any of the Committee members and it is responsible for the well going of the event. The organizer of the AmCham committee events is the AmCham office, unless in any specific case as agreed before.

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The committee meetings are financed by AmCham, when the meeting has a specific focus which will serve to members in large or to all members of the specific committee. Those finances go up to the amount 50.000 ALL per event. The head of the committee and the executive director should coordinate the efforts when it comes to finding the sponsor of a committee event. The sponsor of the event has a contract with AmCham. The rules of sponsorship change from one event to another, as specified in the contract. A committee event might be covered from sponsorship any time there is an interest, but should be covered by sponsorship, when the event: Advertises in any way the activity of one specific business When the costs are over 50.000 ALL (unless is differently approved by the AmCham Board). Is in function of one or a small/specific groups of members.

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Committees come with the initiative of the members or Board members. Opening of a committee or its closing comes with a Board decision. The heads of the committees can be part of the CEOs Forum. The head of the committee should be able to communicate in English.

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