AmCham Committees

The American Chamber of Commerce in Albania has five active committees as part of its organizational structure. Each of them has its own specialty and discussion topics, and it consists of the Committee Chairperson and the Permanent Working Group.

CEO Forum

Chaired by President, Mark Crawford of Aksioner International Securities Brokerage
AmCham’s CEO Forum consists of top executives of AmCham’s presidential member companies. It aims to get their thoughts on all lobbying matters AmCham is pursuing.
The forum engages in all important meetings with senior representatives from the government and international organizations as part of the chamber’s institutional and public commitment. It also aims to ensure the smooth running of the chamber’s policies.


Tax and Legal Committee

Chaired by Alketa Uruçi of BOGA & Associates

AmCham’s Tax and Legal Committee handles legal issues that are important and have a direct impact on the business activities of AmCham members. The committee monitors and analyzes important changes and developments in the tax and customs legislation. Through meetings and discussions with members as well as meetings with senior representatives of state institutions, the committee seeks to inform members of changes in legislation, mainly in the tax and tax-filing areas, offering potential solutions for business problems.

During the past year, the committee’s largest focus has been on bringing forward comments on draft laws discussed by the government and parliament as well as to support the work of experts performing the legal changes to reflect the comments made by AmCham’s members.


Human Resources Committee

Chaired by Edlira Jaupaj of ABCom
The Human Resources Committee has been established to serve members and representatives of their human resource departments through the exchange of experiences, workshops, forums and conferences on topics focused on management and human resources development.

The HR Committee aims to inform all AmCham members of the legal changes related to the labor code legislation, to lobby for specific interests that affect a group of members, to train members on specific HR topics and to create networking opportunities based on the exchange of experiences and discussion of issues facing the sector.


Intellectual Property Rights Committee

Chaired by Renata Leka of BOGA & Associates
The Intellectual Property Rights Committee is composed of IPR experts that are representatives of several AmCham member companies. It was created with the purpose of dealing with problems members face on issues such as copyright, patents, forgery, piracy, etc. Through cooperation of members, the committee has charted strategies on improving intellectual property rights in Albania. It also helps implement these strategies through suggestions it makes to government structures.
The committee works and lobbies for increasing awareness of the importance of IPR and dealing with issues of concern through meetings with members and stakeholders as well through organizing IPR conferences.


Women Active in Business Committee

Chaired by Mirela Arqimandriti of Gender Alliance Development Center
AmCham’s Women Active in Business Committee is a networking platform for women who are actively engaged in running AmCham member businesses. The committee has focused its activity on the development of networking, lobbying and exchanging of experiences that lead to more empowerment for women in business. It also aims to help women become more active in leadership roles in other spheres of society.

The committee works to reach its goals through workshops, handling sensitive issues for women in business as they make present their concerns and seek cooperation with high state officials. The committee members are also engaged in enhancing and strengthening the role of women in society, including helping international organizations that share that same goal.


CSR Committee

Chaired by Sonila Beqari of ABI Bank

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee organizes and coordinates the Social Responsibility activities of members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania with each other and with other organizations operating in this area. Social Responsibility activities should be an integral part of the operations and strategy of AmCham members. The good news is that such activities have been adopted not only by foreign corporations operating in Albania, but also by Albanian businesses, which are increasingly adopting advanced systems of the economic and social engagement with the communities and the environment in which they operate. The interest of these companies to operate with responsibility and accountability led AmCham to create a committee for the purpose of supporting and encouraging social responsibility. About 30 companies responded to the open call and brought examples of current work, project ideas, as well as clear goals for AmCham to pursue.


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