AmCham Albania and AmCham Kosovo talk about business in a B2B

AmCham Albania and AmCham Kosovo talk about business in a B2B

Member companies of AmCham Albania and AmCham Kosovo met in Tirana to discuss business ideas and opportunities that they can potentially develop with each other. The joint reception was attended by the Minister of Entrepreneurship Protection, Ms. Sonila Qato, the Minister of Commerce and Industry of Kosovo, Mr. Bajram Hasani, and about 50 companies from both countries.

“It is a positive development that the incoming and outgoing flow in trading of goods and services is increasing. Statistics show that Albanian businesses are experiencing a great expansion in Kosovo. The Kosovo business are equally interested in expanding similarly. We hope they find it equally easy to approach our market,” said during her greeting speech, Enida Bezhani, the Executive Director of AmCham Albania.

Speaking of the ways of cooperating not only between the two institutions, but also between the two governments, the Executive Director of AmCham Kosovo, Mr. Arian Zeka emphasized the efficiency that the two AmChams should demonstrate as not to leave the work solely in the hands of governments. The business should show proactiveness.

“If businesses work with each other, there will not be much left to do for the governments,” said Mr. Zeka.

Speaking of the importance of such cooperation, Minister Qato emphasized the fact that intensive work is being done to reconcile trade and customs procedures to facilitate the trading of products and services. This was supported by Minister Hasani, who also explained that work is being done to clear the way for 10 Albanian companies to bring goods to the Kosovo market by facilitating the respective processes, as 10 Kosovo companies also enter the Albanian market. The two governments are working to enhance this form of cooperation, while the two AmChams have spoken with concrete actions in the form of such activity.

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