AmCham Albania celebrates Thanksgiving Day with its members and the US community

AmCham Albania celebrates Thanksgiving Day with its members and the US community

Thanksgiving Day and the spirit of this celebration brought together for the first time since its creation the members of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), the American community in Tirana and the representatives of the U.S. Embassy in Tirana, to observe together the day on which the American people express their gratitude and thanks for every opportunity they have been given in life.

Thanksgiving atmosphere prevailed at the event , through the welcoming words of the President of AmCham, Mr. Mark Crawford, who reminded the guests that on a day like this, the Americans express their gratitude for the daily food and family health.

Mrs. Carson Relitz Rocker, the Political and Economic Chief  of the U.S. Embassy, greeted the guests by saying Grace, a gratitude prayer ritual offor the opportunities the people are given , the food on the table, health, work and most importantly family. The participants at the event were introduced to the history of Thanksgiving celebrations till the day of its Proclamation as a national holiday by President Lincoln, by the AmCham’s Executive Director, Ms. Enida Bezhani, who also shared with the guests excerpts from this Proclamation.

The event displayed all the traditional elements of the Thanksgiving celebration, just like it is celebrated in the United States. Turkey was the center piece at the table and it was masterfully prepared by the Chefs of Hilton Garden Inn Hotel. The decorations, the music and the surrounding colors brought everyone into a highly celebrating Thanksgiving mood, and thus conveying the real spirit of the holiday. AmCham had organized animators, clown, a mascot and games for children to get entertained and the parents to have an opportunity to engage with friends and other members, as to network over such a festive atmosphere.

This great event was made possible only through the generosity of our sponsors. The Administrator of Birra Korça, Mr. Gentian Ramonllari, in his greeting speech expressed his appreciation for the organization of this event and also for the great cooperation with AmCham over the years in her closing remarks, the Executive Director, Ms. Bezhani, acknowledged with much gratitude all the generous sponsors of this event,