AmCham meets the Vice General Director of Taxes, Mr. Xhavit Çurri

AmCham has organized the annual meeting that opens the way to a long year of collaboration with the tax administration, with the Vice General Director of Taxes, Mr. Xhavit Çurri.

AmCham has a long tradition of cooperation with this institution and especially with Mr. Çurri, who has been part of the Business Forums that AmCham has organized with the Tax Directorate over the years. The roundtable of discussions with this institution is one of the traditional meetings that is welcomed by AmCham members and is characterized by constructive discussions to find the way of solving the problems that businesses face.

The President of AmCham, Mark Crawford, spoke on the good work done by AmCham to built bridges between members and government institutions where they can speak fairly on issues they face during their activity.

Mr. Çurri informed the members on the latest developments of the tax system during 2018, legal and procedural changes and also on the way how the tax administration has collaborated with businesses. In particular, Mr. Çurri focused in matters proposed by AmCham for the requested meeting, giving a detailed explanation to the members on Issues of fiscal evasion, the IT system and the appeal of tax inspectors’ decisions.

AmCham, through the Chair of the Tax and Customs Committee, Ms. Alketa Uruçi focused the attention on VAT refunds and issues of tax procedures that businesses face every day, starting from downloading documents from the on-line IT system to the absence of guidance documents at the first moments when the law begins to be implemented.