AmCham Meets with Largest Global Law Firm to Explore Foreign Investments in Albania

What to know while planning to invest in Albania?AmCham Meets with Largest Global Law Firm to Explore Foreign Investments in Albania

Two senior partners Mr. Perry Zizi, Mr. Oren Harpaz from the international law firm Dentons, the largest law firm in the world and Mr. Martyn Birchall, owner of a company focused toward developing corporate governance programmes in the CEE region, met with senior representatives of AmCham on May 15th.  The Dentons partners are visiting Albania to explore investment opportunities on behalf of Romanian investors and other international investors represented by the group.  The discussion focused on overall business and investment climate in Albania as well as legislative framework and priority sectors.  

AmCham representatives included its President, the Chair of Investment and Trade Committee and several Board Members.  Representatives of Dentons, discussed procedures and permits to invest on strategic sectorial projects, government incentives to attract foreign investments and the urge to reform the judicial system and courts that will monitor a fair market of doing business.

The President of AmCham, Mr. Enio Jaco emphasized that ‘Albania represents high value potential opportunity, unexplored yet in the sectors of Agriculture and Tourism.  It also offers competitive labor costs in areas like manufacturing, mining etc’.  While the investment framework remains ‘work-in-progress’ and is not yet fully established, serious efforts to explore the system has often materialized for investors.

AmCham suggested that many qualified members would be excellent partners for Dentons in the investment process.  Representatives from both organizations agreed on next steps to continue their collaborations and explore specific investments.