American Chamber of Commerce talks to the Director of Large Taxpayers on tax audits and informality

On October 5th, the VIP businesses of the American Chamber held a meeting with the Director of Large Taxpayers, Mrs. Enkeleda Pipa (Brahaj), to exchange information on how business experiences inspections, expectations on the campaign against informality, and the key elements that the businesses should consider when a tax audit takes place.

In her presentation, the Director of Large Taxpayer focused on the risk analysis to be applied to audit the big businesses. Audit will focus on four main sectors: services, trade, construction and production. According to Mrs. Brahaj, inspectors are not seeking to fight informality in these business category as they are the ones most compliant, however they are trying to discipline all their activity with other business categories that have high informality levels.

Speaking of the efforts made towards formalizing the economy, Mrs. Brahaj spoke at length on the responsibility and role of inspectors. She asked members to report any abusive behavior to the benefit of the transparency of this process.

The American Chamber, through the Chairman of the Tax and Legal Committee, Mrs. Alketa Uruci, raised some of the issues the Chamber members encounter during audit processes/visits by the tax inspectors. Mrs. Uruci requested on behalf of the Chamber that inspectors be trained and instructed on the purpose of the fiscal audit visit. This Plan of Actions should serve to deepen the understanding of the activity of high-risk taxpayers and identify the problems without exacerbating the normal running of the taxpayer’s activity. It is also important to reduce the duration of on-site audits, preceding this with a desk-top assessment on the nature of the activity and the goals of the tax audit.

The American Chamber of Commerce has in its membership 70 of the 200 Larger Taxpayers in the country.