Board of AmCham met with Minister Sonila Qato

The Ministry for Entrepreneurship Protection will do more than just “protect” businesses from any abuse or problems that stem from the incorrect implementation of the law procedures, explained Minister Sonila Qato, who leads the new State Ministry that has in its scope protection of businesses. She shared in details her idea of a new era for the business environment.

In order to get acquainted, share  information on the objectives and the way that this Ministry would collaborate with businesses, the representatives of the Board of AmCham, met Mrs. Sonila Qato and talked about key issues that affect businesses nowadays.

The Board members in attendance proposed that the Ministry should “scan” the various industry sectors, because, as observed in practice, often the organic laws clash with the general laws and the business wastes a lot of time settling this “misalignment”. But the key drive for the moment, remains the Action against Informality. Speaking about it, the Minister was of the opinion that it should be more of an educational type rather than have a “punitive” character. She identified the need for an open, friendly and sincere dialogue, given the great impact that entrepreneurship has in boosting the economy and contributing to addressing social issues as well.

Talking about this cooperation, AmCham Board members suggested that a Ministry, named Ministry of  Entrepreneurship Support would represent better the scope of this Ministry.

On her part, Minister Qato shared a general overview on how the Ministry will work closely with business organizations to improve the business climate. This Ministry will play the role of the Advocate for the businesses. It intends to act as the interlocutor, between the government and businesses, addressing on the spot issues with the public administration and addressing any wrong procedures. It will follow an open-door policy of cooperation with the businesses and organizations like AmCham that represent business interest in the country. Its goal will be to address any concerns from the businesses directly with the relevant Ministers rather than with their administration, as to be more efficient, while the PM is also kept directly updated of all the concerns.

Since its establishment, this Ministry has been facing a large number of requests and complains from businesses, which means that they need serious help. This shows trust, but also puts a lot of expectations on the Ministry. AmCham shared its experience of the Tax and Legal Committee, the members of which are very capable distinguished experts, working pro bono for the Chamber. AmCham is very willing to collaborate with the Ministry and help with expert advice accordingly, when needed.