Business Forum in Korça with representatives of Tax and Customs Directorates

AmCham meets local business and representatives of Tax and Customs Directorates in Korca.

The American Chamber of Commerce organized a meeting with representatives of businesses in Korca. Present at this meeting were members of AmCham from Korca and directors form local Tax and Customs Directorates. This meeting was focused on the institutional dialogue between businesses and the administration and the next trainings planned to be organized to accomplish business needs in this city.

During this meeting, business representatives discussed about issues that they face everyday according Tax and Customs like: VAT refund, tax audit, the reference price etc.

After this forum, the staff of AmCham and the Executive Director Mr. Lorenc Gjoni, visited the factory of Morava Honey, where they met closely the modern investment done there and the broad expansion of this company in the domestic market.