Business Forum with Ministry of Health

New Medicament Registration System

Business and representatives of the Ministry of Health talk about changes

The American Chamber organized a roundtable between senior officials of the Ministry of Health who cover the pharmaceutical sector and industry representatives, members of AmCham. Discussions focused on the electronic system for registering new medicaments for import and distribution, and on the impact of technological changes in this market.

The Ministry of Health was represented by Ms. Alma Skënderi, Director of the National Agency of Medicaments and Medical Equipment, Ms. Shpresa Bello, Director of the Pharmaceutical Directorate of the Ministry of Health, and Mr. Tomi Thomo, Director of Health Advancement, Quality Assurance and Priorities Attainment. They provided useful information in the form of a presentation that included a recorded walkthrough of the new system, highlighting the changes that the system is undergoing, how new medicaments will be recorded, and how this will affect the implementation of electronic invoicing.

A pilot of the new system, with electronic invoicing and online registration of medicaments in the Drug Register, is currently in progress in Durrës and is expected to be extended throughout the country.

AmCham members asked several questions about the way that the system will work to ensure the correct registration of every detail of the medicaments so that all necessary information is available through the system. Questions and discussions also explored how the new system provides solutions to several issues related to prescriptions covered by the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund.

The meeting of representatives of the Ministry of Health with AmCham members from the pharmaceutical sector was considered very useful by the participants who agreed to a second meeting, which will serve to increase information exchange and cooperation between them.

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