KPMG Albania speaks about compliance with legal requirements for HR processes

KPMG Albania opened its doors for the third day of the Open Forum to speak on compliance with legal requirements for the HR processes. The presentation was delivered by Alba Paparisto, Director – Tax, Valmira Vejuka, Senior Executive – Human Resources, and Gledia Kokoshi, Assistant Manager – Tax.

The documentation required to be compliant with the Labor Code, the Employment Enhancement Law, and the Inspectorate requirements were in the focus of this meeting. Members raised questions on how to prepare the payroll list, keep the employee register records, calculate overtime, vacation time, etc.

The topics were of great interest to the members of AmCham, as to understand the requirements of the new Labor Code when it comes to declaration with the Labor Office and the Tax Directorate of a new employee, the documentation needed to complete the employee file and other technical details required to be recorded in the employee register. A lively discussion took place among the participants on how to calculate and document overtime. Also requirements on foreign employees and their registration was another issue that was addressed in today’s meeting.