Aims International explains to businesses how to manage talents

Developing and managing talents requires a specific strategy from the company, the successful implementation of which generates leaders and makes a company successful in the market.

This mutual relationship between the evaluation and development of employees and managers of the company was explained in details by Ms. Monika Farka, Managing Partner Albania & Kosovo at AIMS International-Albania Shpk, on the fourth day of the Open Forum, organized by the HR Committee of AmCham. The interest of members coming from banks or large companies, which have specialized employee appraisal processes, was focused on how employees are assessed, how to record their talents and capacities and how this process can turn beneficial even for the company itself.

Ms. Farka explained techniques that HR staff members should follow during their work, such as the 360˚ evaluation, a recent novelty, which helps companies conduct a thorough evaluation of the employees from several levels and in various aspects. The professional development of talents is a process that requires a long development time and as such passes through stages, and the company managers need to be careful in their management.

The participants of this Open Forum were of the opinion that meetings on these topics are important for informing and updating them on HR techniques.