Deloitte Albania speaks about the recruitment and employment processes

The recruitment and employment processes present their own individual difficulties and specifications. But if you have the right knowledge on the techniques that help these processes, the choice becomes easier and more efficient. Mr. Roden Pajaj, HR Director/Talent Leader at Deloitte Albania explained where should companies focus during a recruitment process, during the sixth and last day of the AmCham HR Open Forum.

The actual needs of the company, its strategic plans and the specifics of the vacancy announced, are the first details to take into consideration. Further, the HR specialists define the techniques that are going to be followed to choose the best candidates. The steps from a simple interview to the “Assessment Center” moment were the techniques explained.

Mr. Pajaj spoke to AmCham members on the differences between the employment and recruitment processes. What is intended by a recruitment process and what happens after the candidate is selected and starts his employment.

Deloitte Albania is part of the well-known brand extending worldwide, working on the standardization of requests and criteria of the selection of candidates in order to be accessible as employees wherever Deloitte operates. On the other hand, the advanced HR techniques evaluate not only the Degree or Major needed to fulfill the position, but also the logic, intelligence and managerial capacities that make a candidate desirable despite his or her education.