HR Open Forum Days – Vodafone Albania

HR Open Forum Days return to the American Chamber with other interesting topics that affect business. Talents Acquisition was the topic discussed by Vodafone Albania and AmCham members, launching, thus, the 4-week HR marathon.

The AmCham members’ interest in the topic was very high, resulting in a very lively discussion with Mr. Spartak Alibalaj and Ms. Gentian Josipi, who spoke about the extensive work that Vodafone does to recruit and retain talents. Techniques that revolve around attracting talents, “commissioning” them and then engaging and developing them, are key milestones that require the supervision of the HR department.

By carefully going through these phases, the HR department enables the company to have a solid and contemporary staff, which ensures the company’s development and prosperity.

One of the talent development projects that Vodafone Albania offers to its employees and which is turning into a successful incentive, is the engagement of employees and the opportunity for professional growth within other Vodafone branches around the world. Assessment and motivation at work are important elements of talent development and Vodafone experts advised the AmCham members to look after how the staff is valued and motivated and the opportunities given to them to grow in the profession and have a career.

Vodafone, as a telecommunications company, which has at the basis of its work the powerful technological developments, has turned its eyes to the young generation by now. In this spirit, Vodafone offers to cooperate with high schools and universities through projects which guide the curricula towards the preparation of a capable work force for the market.