DM Consulting Services speaks on the use of information technology in HR management

The second session of the Open Forum event organized by AmCham Albania was dedicated to the information technology systems that help managing the human resources. The session was delivered by Mr. Dritan Mezini, Managing Partner at DM Consulting Services. The topic was of great interest to the members of AmCham, as the development of business nowadays requires the integration of all the information by the HR department.

Mr. Mezini explained that it all started with the Excel program and the ability to use it at its 100 % capacity. During the years, it developed and turned into an information system, which incorporates all the employee records that an HR department keeps.

All the information starting with the number of employees and their data, annual holiday, trainings, staff movements and other related details are managed by the HR Information System. This system allows for not only the management of human resources, but it also facilitates customer relations and other interfaces. The integration of such system saves the time and efforts of the HR employees and it helps with planning and decision-making.