Labor & Ethics Committee meets Ms. Leigh Ann Pagnard

Representatives of companies in human capital services industry, part of Labor & Ethics Committee, had a meeting with Ms. Leigh Ann Pagnard, a professional in Staffing Services industry in US.  Ms. Leigh Ann is an accomplished executive and consultant with special expertise this industry. She has been Technical Staffing Certified (TSC), Certified Staffing Professional (CSP), since 2012 from the American Staffing Association.

During the meeting, the Chair of the Committee Roden Pajaj explained to Ms. Leigh Ann Pagnard, how the working relationships between employees and employers in Albania are built, general elements of the Labor Code, and how the HR departments are becoming more and more important to companies. This meeting was helpful as a way of sharing experience with Ms. Pagnard, as she explained in detail her experiences and practice in the recruitment and the effective use of the HR tools.