Organizational culture, staff development and their role in the company success

As a company focuses all its energy on achieving financial results, being more competitive and increasing its business reputation, it is the company’s staff that takes on the key role in accomplishing all three of these goals.
That’s why today’s companies place special emphasis on team culture as one of the key elements in the success of a business.

John Hirt, a top human resources expert, led a workshop hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania for its members to share some of the techniques on how business leaders can support their companies by supporting the human capital they have.

Mr. Hirt spoke at the workshop about the values ​​that drive a business and how business activities are intertwined with all other elements of work, influencing the staff’s behavior and actions. Based on his long experience as a human resources specialist, Mr. Hirt told AmCham members attending the workshop that they must define key values ​​for their companies and create alliances based on these values ​through having a straightforward and fully inclusive communication with the staff. According to Mr. Hirt, proper communication on the company’s goals and the need for results is transparent and coupled with other motivational methods helps a business leader create a clear and concrete vision to influence the right outcomes for the company.
It is important for a leader to use proper communication, as all further actions, including those related to the staff, flow through it.

Speaking about leadership development, Mr. Hirt focused on how leaders can be developed and shaped during their work life to deliver the right set of results. Communication between leadership and staff, must have transparency, purpose, a clear vision for the future and most of all a clear strategy to achieve that vision. That’s all fundamental in consolidating a business, Mr. Hirt explained to AmCham members attending the workshop. No leader can achieve his or her vision without the help and cooperation of employees. And here again the strength of the leader and his or her communication in the results of the company is of value.