The American Chamber meets with the General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vasilika Vjero

The American Chamber meets with the General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Vasilika Vjero

Tax authorities and businesses faced with the challenges of legal changes

The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) upheld the established tradition by launching the calendar of activities for 2018 with a Business Forum with the General Director of Taxes, Ms. Vasilika Vjero. AmCham, through the Chair of the Tax and Legal Committee, Ms. Alketa Uruci, focused its attention and acquainted Mrs. Vjero with the issues faced by its member businesses. Talking about the business climate which needs to evolve, the President of AmCham, Mr. Mark Crawford, referred to the incentives and reforms that help businesses develop – the more businesses get established, the more taxes will be collected.

VAT reimbursement, tax evasion, fines that businesses receive when billing other businesses that are currently in a passive status but are difficult to identify as such, were in the focus of the discussion. In turn, Mrs. Vjero spoke about the work that the institution she leads has done, to improve the business climate through rigorous law enforcement, but also to fight fiscal evasion and to meet the tax plan objectives.

Some of the work done by the General Directorate of Tax entails the inclusion in the VAT scheme of the taxpayer entities that were previously excluded, respecting the timelines for VAT refunds, efforts to control the market and not allow evasion and more.

Mrs. Vjero and senior experts from her technical team also addressed some of the questions of the AmCham members. Among others they addressed issues pertaining to completion of statements in the electronic system, working rapports  established during onsite tax audits, relation established between the Tax Directorate and the Appeals Directorate and others.

Mrs. Vjero confirmed the commitment of her institution to cooperate on every occasion and hold meetings at the experts level, so that the issues that AmCham members encounter be addressed on time.