Training – How to Charge Successfully Higher Prices in Your Sales

AmCham and Sotmëria organize a training on How to Charge Successfully Higher Prices in Your Sales.

What  is the secret to setting higher prices in sales? The trainer, Mr. Scott Sorrell, shared with the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) members, the techniques and strategies that they should apply to increase their profits through price increase. Known as Mr. Charge Higher Prices, Mr. Sorrell discussed with AmCham members how a salesperson should consider the product and the market when selling and how to highlight product key features to maximize sales.

The training was organized as a cooperation of the AmCham HR & Ethics Committee with the Sotmëria organization. “Through the AmCham network we will strive to increase the capacities of AmCham members, by bringing in various experienced speakers to discuss topics of common interest”- said the President of AmCham, Mr. Mark Crawford. This training attracted the interest of AmCham members, who participated in large numbers, xxx. The majority of attendants were Sales Managers.

“This is an important activity, as it will introduce you to techniques you can apply in your businesses and will help you sell at higher prices” – said the Chairman of the HR & Ethics Committee, Mr. Paul Johnson.

For about two hours, Mr. Sorrell interacted with the audience by inviting the participants to participate actively in the discussions on how a salesperson should consider several crucial elements when selling a product – be convincing, address information accurately, emphasize the value of a product, ensure that the client not only loves the product but is also happy about the price he has bought it at.

Scott Sorrell is one of America’s top sales trainers. He is known as Mr. Charge Higher Prices, because he specializes in teaching how to get to the top of your customers’ price. He provides sales training and success coaching to some of the world’s top companies: Cisco Systems, BMW, Century 21 and many others.

His field of expertise encompasses among others: charging higher prices, persuasion & influence, negotiating, profit maximization, closing an agreement, value-based selling, time & territory management, consultative public speaking and others.

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