Welcome and Farewell Reception

The American Chamber of Commerce welcomed yesterday the U.S. Ambassador to Albania in a ceremony that was attended by about 200 members of the Chamber, high-level government representatives, members of parliament, and representatives of international organizations and of the diplomatic corps.

During the ceremony, the attendees were addressed by the Minister of the Economy, Mr. Arben Ahmetaj, who emphasized that close cooperation between business and government is necessary for the creation of a good business climate. Mr. Selim Belortaja, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, focused on the positive contribution of business to economic diplomacy and to the development of sustainable economic relationship between countries, considering the Unites States as the most powerful strategic partner of the administration.

The new United States Ambassador to Albania, Mr. Donald Lu, also addressed the audience, speaking on the importance of developing business and a stable business environment that enables foreign investors to turn their eyes towards Albania. Cooperation with business in this respect takes special importance and strengthens the efforts to combat corruption, which should be a priority not only for the government, but also for Albanian society. Mr. Lu thanked Floreta for her dedication during her 15 years of work with the American Chamber, and congratulated the new Executive Director of the American Chamber, Mr. Lorenc Gjoni.

Speaking on the American Chamber and its development over the past 15 years, Mr. Mark Crawford, President of the Chamber, underscored the important roles played by all members of this organization, with special recognition for the work of the Executive Director, Mrs. Floreta Luli-Faber. In her greeting to all attendees, Floreta highlighted delightful moments from the early days of leading the Chamber, working with the founding members, who continue their membership to this day. Floreta spoke about the significant role of AmCham for the business community and about the dialogue conducted with the government. Emphasizing the importance of the work of the Chamber to increase foreign investment, Floreta assured everyone that she will continue to pursue this goal in her new role as Ambassador of Albania to the United States and will help the American Chamber of Commerce bring new investors from the United States.


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