Women Active in Business Committee (WoBAC) met with women representatives of political parties to discuss their economic programs

Entrepreneur women and women in politics can join their forces and ideas to bring qualitative changes, not only to laws, but also to the social and public life of the country. This was the conclusion of the meeting organized by the Chair of WoBAC, Ms. Mirela Arqimandriti, with the members of this committee within AmCham and a number of women representatives of the political parties in the Albanian Parliament.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Economic Development, Ms. Milva Ekonomi, Minister of Innovation, Ms. Milena Harito, Ms. Albana Vokshi, MP, and Ms. Mimoza Hafizi, MP. It was focused on the economic programs of the various parties for the next four years and the expectation that women in business have for these programs.

Tax cuts and incentives that give a breather to businesses, especially to those led by women, were some of the expectations put forward by the AmCham members. They further raised concerns on issues that relate to the environment and quality of air as factors that influences our lives directly.

In response to the concerns raised, the MPs focused their discourse on what their economic programs offer for this category and how to improve the business climate in the country. Tax cuts, programs that provide trainings and soft loans to entrepreneurs, policy discussions on sectoral developments and others are part of the economic programs presented today.

WoBAC expressed readiness to collaborate with the Parliamentary Women Alliance on issues that affect not only the economic policies adopted by the Albanian Parliament, but also specific laws or issues affecting the lives of entrepreneurial women.