Dinner with Brock Bierman, USAID Assistant Administrator for Europe and Eurasia

Date/Time: 05.05.2019 / 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Location: Fiore Restaurant

A group of senior executives from the American Chamber of Commerce met with Brock Bierman, USAID Assistant Administrator for Europe and Eurasia, at a working dinner on May 5.  The meeting focused on USAID’s future strategies in Albania.  Mr. Bierman explained the new strategic role that USAID will play to support Albania on its journey to self-reliance and the importance of private sector engagement in this process.

Participants discussed how continuing to build capacity of the professional workforce can play a significant role in Albania’s next development phase.  AmCham President, Mr. Enio Jaço, emphasized that AmCham is ready to partner with USAID to support this effort.



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