Working Luncheon with the Regional Economic Officer of US Department of State, Mr. Ryan Stoner

Date/Time: 03.03.2016 / 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Location: Sheraton Tirana Hotel

AmCham meets with Regional Economic Officer to discuss Business Climate The American Chamber of Commerce in Albania met with Mr. Ryan Stoner, Regional Economic Officer in the Department of State's Office of South Central European Affairs. Members of the Board of AmCham and members of the Tax and Legal Committee talked about issues that affect the ease of doing business in Albania and have a direct impact on attracting foreign investment. The work of the American Chamber of Commerce to improve the business climate through its lobbying and informing activities was the focus of discussions. The President of AmCham, Mr. Mark Crawford, informed Mr. Stoner of recent economic developments and how they are perceived by members of the AmCham, from changes to the Fiscal Package and the campaign against informality, to new draft laws. The Executive Director of AmCham Albania, Lorenc Gjoni, talked about keeping in touch with AmCham members, staying informed of their needs and continuously supporting them, highlighting the AmCham Business Index, as an important means for members to express their opinions and perceptions of the business climate, which the AmCham staff translates into specific activities and work plans. During the meeting, Mr. Stoner praised the work and role of the American Chamber in pursuit of its most important objective, improving the business climate, and expressed his readiness to support the work of AmCham in Albania. IMG_8207IMG_8201IMG_8180IMG_8193IMG_8206IMG_8184IMG_8217  

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