A & A Group
Consulting-Business;Customs Agency;Logistics
A.E. Distribution
Communications;Energy;ICT Systems, Equipment, Software Development
ABCom Sh.p.k.
Communications;Internet Provider;ICT Systems, Equipment, Software Development
Consulting-Business;Consulting-Legal Services
Abraham Lincoln Foundation of Albania
Education, Private Schools;Foundations, Associations, NGOs, Projects
Adler Consulting Sh.p.k.
Consulting-Business;Consulting-Legal Services
AIMS International - Albania
Employment and HR Services
Financial Services and Institutions
AKSIONER International Securities Brokerage
Financial Services and Institutions
Consulting-Engineering Projects;Construction
Albanian Consultancy
Auditing, Accounting, Bookkeeping;Consulting-Business
Albanian Financial Institution Sh.p.k.
Financial Services and Institutions
Albanian Stevedoring Company Sh.p.k.
Albanian-American Development Foundation (AADF)
Foundations, Associations, NGOs, Projects
Travel and Tour Agency
Albpastrim Sh.p.k.
Cleaning Services
Alfa Butrint Sh.p.k. (Hotel Butrinti)
Bar, Restaurants, Catering;Hospitality
Alpha Bank Albania Sh.a.
Aluflor Sh.p.k.
Consulting-Engineering Projects;Construction;Construction Materials and Machineries Trading;Glass Production
Alumil - Albania
Construction Materials Production
American Bank of Investments
American Hospital
Healthcare and Related Services
American Noble Coffee
Food and Beverage Trade
ANTEA Cement
Construction Materials Production;Construction Materials and Machineries Trading
Artinel 95 Sh.p.k.
Car and Vehicle Trade
Atom Sh.p.k.
Consulting-Business;ICT Systems, Equipment, Software Development;Security Systems and Services
Auto Star Albania
Car and Vehicle Trade
Avanntive Consulting Sh.p.k.
Auditing, Accounting, Bookkeeping
AVON Cosmetics Albania
Cosmetics Trade and Aesthetics
BALFIN Group - Balkan Finance Investment
Commerce, Wholesale and Retail;Energy;Hospitality;Investment Management;Real Estate, Property Assessment
Bankers Petroleum Albania Ltd.
Exploration and Research Services;Oil and Gas
Bayer D.O.O. Tirana Representative Office
Berdica Cement
Construction Materials and Machineries Trading
Bereqet Sh.p.k.
Bar, Restaurants, Catering;Food and Beverage Production
BGP Products Switzerland GmbH (Mylan)
Bia Advisory Services Sh.p.k.
Consulting-Business;Employment and HR Services
Bilanc Sh.p.k.
ICT Systems, Equipment, Software Development
Bindi Sh.p.k.
Commerce, Wholesale and Retail;Consulting-Business;Communications;Consulting-Engineering Projects;Construction
Birra Korça Sh.p.k.
Food and Beverage Production;Food and Beverage Trade
BNT Electronics
Communications;Electrical Applications and Appliances;ICT Systems, Equipment, Software Development;Security Systems and Services
Boga & Associates
Auditing, Accounting, Bookkeeping;Consulting-Business;Consulting-Legal Services
Bozgo Sh.p.k.
Commerce, Wholesale and Retail;Food and Beverage Trade
British American Tobacco Albania Sh.p.k.
Bukuria Shqiptare Beli
Beauty Salon;Cosmetics Trade and Aesthetics
CBS Creative Business Solutions
Agrobusiness;Consulting-Business;Financial Services and Institutions;Foundations, Associations, NGOs, Projects
Consulting-Legal Services
CCS Sh.p.k.
ICT Systems, Equipment, Software Development
Century 21 Albania
Real Estate, Property Assessment
Coca-Cola Bottling Shqipëria
Food and Beverage Production;Food and Beverage Trade